During these years we are proud to have hosted many wonderful beings and feel glad we could make a difference to many families who value the feeling of 'being together'. While we are very passionate about animals, we cannot assume the same about all our guests & hence we request you to please read the Pets Policy carefully & adhere to the same at all times when your pet is in our premises. It will help us make your stay a wonderful experience.


We will be delighted to have you and your furry friend as our guests. To ensure a comfortable stay for yourself and fellow guests, we will appreciate if you could please take a note of the following guidelines:

  • The decision of allowing the pets will be on hotel’s discretion and must be approved in advance of your stay. We welcome pets under 30 kgs / 66 lbs. Should your pet weigh more, please raise it to the hotel team in advance for the best solution

  • Only one pet is allowed per room

  • Only dogs (non-aggressive) and caged birds are allowed as pets in the resort

  • A charge of INR 1,000 plus taxes, will be charged per pet, per night and an advance payment will be collected upon check-in. The charges are towards providing a pet bed and food that is naturally available at the resort.


  • Should you require any specific pet food, please let our team know in advance and it shall be arranged, subject to availability, at an additional charge

  • The guest rooms are subject to damage inspection at any time and upon check out. Any damages will be charged to the guests on actuals

  • Pets must be on a controlled leash at all times while leaving the room

  • We regret that pets are not allowed in our restaurants, banquet, gardens, pool and spa. You may take them for a walk at the designated areas, on the hotel grounds

  • Guests are responsible for the clean-up of the pet’s excretion on the hotel grounds, and for properly disposing the waste in the outside dumpster or at the designated area

  • Pet left unattended in the guest room when the guest leaves the hotel premises must be secured in a proper pet crate or carrier

  • You are required to be present with your pet in the room, when any service is provided

  • Please ensure that the required permits and clearances are obtained from authorities and a copy is given to the hotel team before arrival