About Sattal

Sattal is a quaint town situated in the lower Himalayas, perched at 1,375 mts above sea level and a short drive of 22 km from Nainital. The town has a beautiful natural freshwater spring named Subhash Dhara arising out of dense forest of Oak and Pine Trees in the west and a lovely Lake from where the town derives its name - there are seven small lakes that connect with each other to form 'Sat Tal' which also means 'Seven Lakes' and until now, this phenomenon is still unexplained! What matters most is that Sattal is beautiful and often compared with Westmoreland, lying northwest of England, which was a former county in the Lake District.

The names of these seven Lakes in no particular order are Purna Tal, Nal Damyanti Tal (named after King Nala who drowned in this Lake), Ram Tal, Laxman Tal, Sita Tal (named after Legends of the epic Ramayana), Sukha Tal (Formerly named 'Khudariya Tal' but renamed Sukha Tal meaning 'Dry Lake' since it has almost dried up), Garud Tal (named after the mythical bird-like creature that rides the Chariot of Lord Vishnu). Hence, all these Lakes are considered very sacred amongst the dwellers of this town.

Sattal is home to more than 500 species of resident and migratory birds that use these Lakes as their natural habitat for breeding and feeding. It is also teeming with a wide variety of flora including medicinal shrubs and herbs, diverse fauna and a wide variety of fish like Mahseer.

Tourists can enjoy Hot Balloon trips arranged near this Lake. Sattal also offers tourists many adventure sports and excursions such as mountain biking, rock climbing, night hiking and camping in Jungles, river crossing, angling, trekking, bird and butterfly watching, kayaking, river rafting, rappelling, swimming and going on nature trails into deep jungles.

Places To See

Nal Damyanti Tal

The story of Nal-Damayanti is narrated by the poet in the epic Mahabharat, which says they were a royal couple in love. It is believed that their love story is set in the banks of this lake and hence the name. The lake is considered auspicious by the locals. The precincts are beautiful and a short trek route takes you to this lake from the resort.

Hidimba Parvat

During his 'vanvaas' it is known that Bhim married and asura lady by the name 'hidimbi'. The presence of a hidimbi temple in the same area as Bhimtal is further proof of the actual existence of this so called mythological characters of the Mahabharat.


Naukuchiatal is 4 km from Bhimtal. It is a lake having nine corners. Like Bhimtal, Naukuchiatal also has quiet verdant environs, which attracts the traveller to it. This tree-fringed lake is good for boating.

Garg Parvat

This hill is the source of the river Gargi and is also called Gola Nadi by the locals.


Sat Tal (literally seven lakes) is 7 km from Bhimtal. It is another important place to visit. Sat Tal was originally a cluster of seven lakes, out of which two have dried up. It is famous for boating and adventure activities. The densely wooded hills and little creeks along the shores of the lakes are a perennial attraction to the tourists. Godhakhal Temple is 3 km from Bhim Tal.


How To Reach

Ramnagar is the headquarters of Corbett Tiger Reserve and is well connected to important cities by road and rail.


Sattal is well connected by bus service with Nainital and Kathgodam. Tourists can also reach Sattal by hiring a taxi from Nainital or Kathgodam.


The nearest railway station is at Kathgodam which is 23 km away.


Sattal does not have an airport and the nearest airport is at Pant Nagar (55 km away) and the nearest railway station is at Kathgodam (23 km away).

Weather & Climate

The climate of Sattal is pleasant and enjoyable during summers but very cold during winters.
Sattal Winters: 4oC - 18oC Heavy woolens
Sattal Summers: 15oC - 28oC Cotton / Light woolen

Best Time to Visit

Best season to visit Sattal is March to June and September to November. Summers are the best times to go on trekking, rock climbing and camping trips.