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The Wedding season is on the way! As per the Hindu Calendar, the best time to get into a marital alliance starts from late October with the start of the Navratras. It auspicious time continues till February of next year and hence planning is a vital aspect of getting the grand event perfect.
While every member of the family chips in the preparation for marriages like booking a banquet hall/garden, listing out wedding planners, choosing wedding dresses, jewellery, guest list etc., the honeymoon destination is something that we suggest should be left to the bride & the groom alone.
Couples normally plug into the internet for their search for the most ideal honeymoon destination and surf the net for the best locations for the season, the best hotels in their budget and the facilities they get while on the best phase of their lives in togetherness. Often the most difficult part of the decision is to choose between hills, beaches, snowlands and the likes. This is where friends come in handly for they can give 1st hand information on their experiences during their visits to the respective destinations. One must always ask them for the difficulties they faced at the destination (if any) since being prepared makes a huge difference in your itinerary.
Honeymoon is a time of togetherness & not the time for sightseeing. Its therefore suggested that one must choose a destination which is relatively far from crowded places and also pick a hotel/resort which is not at its busiest phase. The lesser the crowd the more the attention you get & also the more peaceful the resort remains. Isn't that what one wishes for while on a honeymoon?
Bhimtal, near Nainital is one such destination. Located in the foot hills of the mighty Himalayas in the Northern State of Uttarakhand, this is a place that is ideal for honeymooners from any city in India during the next 6-8 months. The Bhimtal Lake is named after Bhima – the legendry character of Mahabharata, for it is believed that he lived on the banks of this lake during his exile and had settled down here with his 'asura' wife Hidimbi, whom he had grown to love for her servitude. The lake is surrounded by beautiful green mountains and has a very picturesque island in the centre where there currently is an aquarium.
During his stay Bhima built a temple to worship Lord Shiva, which continued to be in existence till medieval times when Baz Bahadur of the Chand Dynasty decided to rebuild it in 17th century. This temple was lost to the rising waters when the Britishers embanked the lake to channel it waters for irrigation at the Haldwani zone. British era photographs of this temple are available (before it was destroyed) & can be seen on the internet. The locals salvaged whatever they could and reinstalled The Shiva Linga in a nearby site and continue to call the temple "Bhimeshwara Mahadev Temple". A visit to the temple and its peaceful surroundings gives one the much required solace that one craves for in city life.
The merit of planning your honeymoon at this place is that you will be far away from the maddening crows that throng Nainital & yet be near enough to visit the place for a short visit. The hotels & resorts located in Bhimtal are serene and are far better prices than the much overrated places in Nainital. The newly wedded couple will get plenty of space & time here to spend with each other in romantic Himalayan surroundings. Another advantage of honeymooning here are the plenty of adventure activities available in the area that are both thrilling and safe. Also one can enjoy outdoor activities near to this place.
So plan your honeymoon at this unique destination and get ready for selfies with the beautiful background of lakes and hills and fond memories to cherish for a lifetime.


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