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Our journey started over 25 years back at Bhimtal (Nainital Distt. Uttarakhand, North India) in a very humble way. Over the years we have endeavoured to provide our guests with the most friendly experiences and have redefined family holidays to a vast majority of our privileged guests over the years.
We proudly operate 11 unique hotels and resorts across India. Our hotels & resorts are located in Amritsar, Bhimtal, Brajgram, Budaun, Corbett, Kosi, Mussoorie, Naukuchiatal ,Sattal, Varanasi, Vrindavan. All our hotels and resorts adhere to our vision to provide maximum value to your family, after all they are the pillars of your success!
We endeavour to make every single guest feel at home and passionately work towards achieving the same. All our hotels and resorts adhere to our focus on providing high quality holidays to the family and have our services designed to accommodate this aspect.
Over the past several years our hotels and resorts have become extremely popular with the top corporates' for the value we have added to their businesses by helping them grow even more than expected by ensuring every conference with us was made a huge success and ensuring every minute details was planned meticulously . Our concept of open air conferencing has caught the imagination of everyone and has become a rage in recent times.
At our hotels and resorts we have put a lot of emphasis on enhancing the natural beauty of the precincts and assure you of an environment, high on natural elements at all our hotels and resorts.
We welcome you to our hotels and resorts where you are assured of the finest holiday moments!

Each of our hotels and resorts is creatively designed to reflect the exclusive tastes and sensitivities of our much valued patrons. No wonder 'holidays' take a new dimension at Country Inn! At our hotels and resorts we offer an awesome combination of luxurious infrastructure with lush green nature as its unique backdrop. Constantly keeping up with international trends in the holiday industry, we aim to be the country's number one getaway in eco-tourism.
While each of our hotels and resorts gives you a unique experience in its flavour and ambience, what is consistent between each of our resorts is our passion for helping our guests to explore the destination, facilitate the objective, and our passion for delivering exceptional hotels and resorts experiences.
Our hotels and resorts are located at unbelievable natural junctions: flanked by great Himalayan Mountains, by alongside tranquil lakes, in the midst of virgin forests, bordering wildlife sanctuaries and also on the speedway to the most charming of monuments the Taj Mahal at Agra. Our hotels and resorts at Amritsar,Bhimtal, Corbett, Sattal, Mussoorie and Kosi-Kalan are places suited not only for adventure and discovery, but also are places that inspire the soul. Places for people to grow together. Places with a high level of service and an exacting standard of hospitality that can only be measured by the frequency of repeat visits by our patrons.

  • Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India (ADTOI)
  • Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO)
  • Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI)
  • Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India (FHRAI)
  • Hotel & Restaurant Association of Northern India (HRANI)
  • Hotel Association of India (HAI)
  • All India Resort Development Association (AIRDA)
  • Resort Condominiums International (RCI)

The concept of tourism existed since time immemorial when man travelled far and wide in pursuit of pleasure or spirituality. However the tourism boom began with the advent of faster modes of travel. Shipping was the first to come up followed by the locomotive, the motor car and finally the air plane. Each has contributed to travel immensely by cutting down the travel time drastically. Along with the industrial revolution came disposable incomes which have today made travel affordable to the vast majority.
However while technology may have made travel easy, it has not been able to keep pace with the rate of depletion of natural resources at tourist destinations that came along with the heavy influx of human population in the vicinity. The perceivable adverse effects have been so profound that it is today believed that Tourism is a major contributor to environmental degradation.
This realization lead to the development of the concept of eco-tourism in 2002 and at Country Inn we are fully aware of our role in the environments that we operate in. From the hills of Bhimtal to the forests of Corbett and further to the lakes at Sattal we are leaving no stone unturned to ensure the lowest possible borrowings from Mother Nature. In fact in all our processes of hotel operations we keep a tab on the environmental implications of what we do.

    Some of the major environmental activities that we undertake in our resorts on a daily basis are:
  • Water reduction (in kitchen & laundry)
  • Water recycling (for gardening)
  • Minimal usage of fossil fuels
  • Minimal usage of paper
  • Usage of natural pesticides
  • Usage of organic fertilizers

    Periodic activities that we do are:
  • Planting of saplings in the vicinity
  • De-tox drives
  • Minimal usage of paper
  • Water Harvesting
  • Plastic Recycling

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